Sadiq Khan bikini blimp takes flight in London 3 years ago

Sadiq Khan bikini blimp takes flight in London

Higher and higher and higher

A 29 feet long blimp of Sadiq Khan in a striking yellow bikini has taken to the skies above London's Parliament Square.


There were cheers and shouts of "higher, higher" as the blimp, which was supported by a £58,000 crowdfunding campaign, went airborne.

Organiser Yanny Bruere told JOE his aim is to "humiliate Sadiq Khan in his hometown" and that critics of the campaign are members of the "loony left trying to claim it's racism."

Earlier in the day Bruere explained his motivations to Sky News: "It was a tit for tat move after the Donald Trump one and I wanted to see if Sadiq Khan was willing to commit the same mockery onto himself, as he was quite willingly onto Donald Trump.

"It grew so much, it raised £50,000 in six days, it grew so quickly I think he didn't have a choice. The humour of Sadiq Khan having to approve a giant blimp of himself, that was another angle to it, I thought that would be quite funny.


"There is a humorous aspect but it's trying to raise a serious point, which is Make London Safe Again. Obviously we've seen unprecedented crime levels since Sadiq Khan took office. This year, 100 people have died already since January.

"It was about drawing attention through the humour of the balloon but giving out a strong message that's very important for London at this moment."