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14th Dec 2018

Watch Michael Gove and Ed Balls Gangnam Style because it is 2012

Hell is empty and all its cabinet members are here

Oli Dugmore

Ed Balls dancing to Gangnam Style

Hell is empty and all its cabinet members are here

Michael Gove? Ed Balls? Two words come immediately to my mind. Cool dudes. Or, cool motherfucking dudes. And no, that’s not because Gove says that is his favourite website. It is in fact because the pair really rock a Gangnam Style.

Strictly fans will know that this is not the first time Balls has paid homage to the author of YouTube’s onetime most viewed video.

He loves a Gangnam does Ed, bloody loves it. So it should not be surprising he was filmed pulling out the move with JOE’s number one fan Michael at, what I assume, is some think tank’s Christmas party and not a preview of our Boschian post-Brexit cultural hellscape.

Thinking on it, I’d actually like to go back to 2012. Tory ideological austerity not quite yet crippling the country’s public services. The spectre of UKIP looming but not quite realised. The world not ending on December 21.

So here we are, this is probably far enough in to show you the video.

Maybe the Mayans were only six years out.