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15th Oct 2019

Meet the woman helping the Kurds rebuild their shattered society

Wayne Farry

“Kurdish society is a beautifully inspiring picture of this other world we’ve lost sight of”

Dani Ellis left the UK to work alongside the Kurdish people in rebuilding their society, which is under threat from Turkish aggression and Western myopia.

Turkey’s advancement towards the border of Northern Syria is widely seen as being facilitated by US president Donald Trump’s decision to pull American troops from the region, where they had been working alongside their hitherto Kurdish allies in the fight against ISIS.

Now that American forces have been ordered to leave, the Kurds have faced violence from a variety of parties, including the Turks, as well as ISIS prisoners and Al Qaeda forces.

JOE spoke to Dani Ellis, who left Britain to work alongside the Kurdish people in the region, about the violence they’re now experiencing on a daily basis.