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22nd Jan 2019

Jeremy Corbyn pushes for People’s Vote on Brexit through new amendment

Marc Mayo

Several amendments to the government’s withdrawal agreement have been tabled, including a pathway to customs union membership and a fresh public vote

The Labour Party has moved Britain closer to another Brexit referendum after including a parliamentary vote on the matter in their proposed amendments to the government’s withdrawal bill.

On 29 January the House of Commons will have another vote on Theresa May’s agreement with EU leaders that was previously rejected by an overwhelming majority of MPs.

Ahead of that date, a number of amendments are being tabled including one endorsed by the Labour leadership that is designed with breaking the Brexit deadlock and reducing the chances of a no deal.

It primarily includes legislation for parliament to vote on Labour’s own Brexit plan, which revolves around going back to the EU and negotiating a permanent customs union, something May has so far refused to consider.

The other facet of Labour’s amendment is for parliament to be able to vote on whether or not there should be a fresh referendum to validate any deal with the EU.

It is unclear whether or not the party leadership would back such a referendum when push comes to shove. It has been official policy to ‘leave everything on the table’ since it emerged that Labour members strongly favour a People’s Vote.

“Theresa May has shown today that she has no Plan B after the comprehensive rejection of her botched Brexit deal by MPs last week,” said Corbyn after tabling the amendment. “The Prime Minister is both refusing to change her red lines or take the threat of a no deal exit off the table. MPs must now act to break the deadlock.

“Our amendment will allow MPs to vote on options to end this Brexit deadlock and prevent the chaos of a no deal. It is time for Labour’s alternative plan to take centre stage, while keeping all options on the table, including the option of a public vote.”