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26th Aug 2018

Following John McCain’s death, a video of him during the Presidential election is being shared widely

The video shows him speaking about Barack Obama

Alan Loughnane

John McCain

The video shows him speaking about Barack Obama

Senator John McCain, the Vietnam veteran turned senator and presidential candidate, has died at the age of 81.

McCain died on Saturday evening surrounded by his family in Arizona.

Following a brain cancer diagnosis last year, he had been absent from Washington since last December but remained vocal during that time, heavily criticising President Donald Trump and urging defence of of the post-war liberal democratic order.

Following his death, a video of him speaking during the 2008 Presidential election has been shared widely on social media and is one of the more memorable moments of his during his political career.

McCain has been the Republican nominee for president, and was running against the Democratic candidate and eventual winner, Barack Obama.

John McCain video

The son of a Navy admiral, McCain was a fighter pilot during the war in Vietnam and spent more than five years as a prisoner of war when his plane was shot down.

The torture he suffered during those five years left him with lasting disabilities.