Jeremy Paxman's grilling of Jeremy Corbyn wasn't well received 5 years ago

Jeremy Paxman's grilling of Jeremy Corbyn wasn't well received

Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May faced a live studio audience on Monday night ahead of the general election on June 8.

The Prime Minister and the Labour leader didn't go head to head in a debate, but took questions from the audience and were grilled by Jeremy Paxman on "The Battle for Number 10."


The broadcast was shown live on Sky News and Channel 4.

First up was Corbyn, who took questions from the audience, including one on why he was so "ruthless" in his determination to help people living in poverty.


After taking several questions from the audience, the Labour leader sat down with Paxman.

The journalist questioned why Corbyn didn't include more of his own personal beliefs in the manifesto.

The Labour leader replied that he's "not a dictator" and that the manifesto was the result of consultation with his party.



Corbyn insisted that he is "fighting this election for social justice and a stronger economy for the future."

However, Paxman wasn't interested in that.

Instead, he showed he has his finger on the pulse of the British electorate and began asking Corbyn about the Falklands War and the monarchy.


But, regardless of what Corbyn was asked, he was soon interrupted by Paxman.

This didn't go down well with those watching at home.