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20th Sep 2019

Gary Lineker on Brexit and Twitter pile-in culture

Wayne Farry

Lineker sat down ahead of the release of his book

Gary Lineker has spoken about the culture of blame and pile-ons on social media platform Twitter in an exclusive interview with JOE.

Speaking ahead of the release of his new book, Behind Closed Doors: Life, Laughs and Football, co-written with his fellow podcast host Danny Baker, Lineker discussed the recent incident of BBC politics editor Laura Kuenssberg facing criticism after she sent a tweet identifying a man who had confronted Boris Johnson about Tory cuts to the NHS in a clip that went viral on social media.

Lineker expressed sympathy with Kuenssberg and all of her colleagues working on news and current affairs for the state broadcaster, acknowledging that whatever they say, half the country are likely to be annoyed.

He also discussed Brexit, the ramifications it will likely have on Britain and the inherent illegalities of the Leave campaign which have resulted in him becoming a proponent for a People’s Vote.

He also revealed that he does expect Brexit to potentially have one positive impact: on the number of young English footballers being given a chance in the Premier League.

Behind Closed Doors: Life, Laughs and Football, by Gary Lineker and Danny Baker, is available now