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12th Jul 2018

Watch Piers Morgan get rekt: Communist schools presenter in bizarre GMB interview


Oli Dugmore


Ash Sarkar has fully bodied Piers Morgan in an entertaining Good Morning Britain interview.

Discussing Donald Trump’s visit to the UK, and coinciding protests, Morgan was unable to critically engage with the communist journalist’s arguments.

“Strawmaning your guests Piers, to make up for your own incompetence as a journalist – because you didn’t hold Trump to account when you interviewed him,” Sarkar riffs.

Susanna Reid cannot contain giggles as the two go back and forth.

Ash leans back on the Good Morning Britain sofa at what point that can only be described as contemptuous.

She said: “I’ll be marching in Westminster tomorrow alongside thousands of other people who find the policy of forced separations unconscionable.

“Who think that the sight of our elected Prime Minister holding Donald Trump’s is an utter embarrassment.”

Sarkar then made a mockery of Morgan’s interview with the President. Watch and enjoy below.