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12th May 2018

Man complains about ‘foreigners coming over here and taking our jobs’ while simultaneously ‘not even working’

This is a new take

Oli Dugmore

This is a new take

A man has simultaneously complained about “foreigners coming over here taking our jobs” while also “not even working.”

The West Ham fan interrupted an interview between Novara Media’s Ash Sarkar and a woman on the streets of Barking, two weeks after the Brexit vote, asking if they were “talking about the EU referendum.”

In the old video he said: “Can I talk? At the end of the day I think it’s a brilliant idea that we left the EU. Because there are so many foreigners coming over and taking our jobs.

“I know it’s not just all them foreigners because I know some of the foreigners are doctors, and some of them foreigners can save our lives. There are some foreigners that are coming over and taking our jobs and not even working.”

In response Sarkar asked: “How can they take our jobs if they’re not working?”

The man replied: “Because they do it, they do it. Simple as that. They take our jobs and they’re not even working. They just send their money over to their families in a different country and I don’t think that’s fair. Because they’re getting something for nothing

Sarkar: “May I ask how old you are?”

Man: “I’m 17. I know I’m 17 but I think I speak sense.”

Feast your eyes.