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08th Jan 2020

Seven reasons the world doesn’t need a US-Iran war right now

Joe Gilmore

The United States and Iran look set for conflict

After the United States took the decision to assassinate Iranian general Qasem Soleimani, they escalated tensions with the Iranian regime in a manner that many expected.

Throughout the entirety of the current presidency, Donald Trump has made it clear that stripping back Barack Obama’s 2015 nuclear deal was one of his key aims. Prior to his inauguration as commander-in-chief, his rhetoric towards the regime was incendiary. This theme has continued throughout his presidency.

Following the funeral of Solemani, during which hundreds of thousands are believed to have filled streets of Tehran, Iran vowed that they gain retribution.

They did that on Tuesday night when they struck US bases in Iraq with missiles. While it has been reported that there have been no US casualties, it remains to be seen if Donald Trump will follow up with his previous threat of a “disproportionate” response.

If he does so, it will push us closer and closer to war in the Middle East. Here are seven reasons that would be a terrible idea.

1. The world is literally on fire 

14.8 million acres of bush have burned in Australian wildfires, leaving 500,000,000 animals dead.

2. America has its own problems to sort out

The US spends $693,058,000,000 annually on their military, that’s enough money to provide free public healthcare for every American.

A cut in spending could significantly reduce climate change. $300billion could give us an extra 20 years to sort the problem out.

3. Iraq and Afghanistan…

US intervention in the Middle East has been a disaster.

In Iraq 5000 US troops lost their lives, along with 200,000 Iraqi civilians.

Afghanistan is still a conflict zone 19 years after the invasion.

4. Impeachment

Trump has his own problems to focus on…

The House of Representatives voted for the third time in history to impeach the president.

5. Trump admitted himself attacking Iran is an election ploy

6. Iran Nuclear deal

The Iran Nuclear deal has collapsed. The deal meant Iran would limit nuclear activities in return for sanctions relief.

7. America created a lot of the mess in Iran

In 1953 the US and Britain overthrew the democratically elected Iranian government to regain access to Iran’s lucrative oil reserves.