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15th Apr 2024

‘World’s loneliest house’ has been empty for over 100 years


It’s completely cut off

Being able to live by yourself is something that lots of young people dream of, but how about living by yourself on an uninhabited island?

Well, for those who are in the market, there’s just the spot.

A rather eerie looking house is the only known building on Elliðaey island, a hard-to-reach island off the south coast of Iceland.

The home has been dubbed the ‘world’s loneliest house’, and it’s understandable to see why.

The house has no running water, indoor plumbing or electricity, but it does come with the benefit of a sauna thanks to the rainwater collection system.

There are a multitude of theories around the purpose of the house, from some claiming that the Icelandic government gifted the home to Bjork, to others believing it’s a billionaire’s escape plan in the case of a zombie apocalypse.

The truth, however, is much more ordinary.

The building was actually built by the Elliðaey Hunting Association back in the 1950s. The island is known for its puffin population, and so is a hotspot for hunters.

It provides some shelter and a base for the hunters to lead from, with The Travel reporting that the journey to get there is rather perrilous.

“One first has to get to the island via a boat from the nearest islands,” the outlet reports. “Just like many cruises on Icelandic waters, the journey to this island is characterised by freezing temperatures and waves that can sometimes be extremely terrifying.

“While the ride itself can be scary and uncomfortable, getting onto the island is even more terrifying.

“One will have to jump from the boat or ship to a steep side of the island and hold a rope attached to the island. If this is not done correctly, a fall into the freezing water is inevitable.

“After the successful jump and clinging to the rope, one is then required to climb this steep part to the top of the island with the help of the rope.”

So, if you really want to live in such isolation, just beware that the price you pay will be a journey and a half before even arriving at your destination.

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Featured image credit: Hansueli Krapf/Wikimedia Commons