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31st Jan 2018

Women’s uni hockey team throw ‘chav party’ social

Girls told 'skin should be orange, eyebrows perfectly groomed and luminous underwear on show'

Oli Dugmore

Hockey girls were told to be ‘anti-social’ and that ‘skin should be orange, eyebrows perfectly groomed and luminous underwear on show.’

Leeds University Union Women’s Hockey held a “chav” themed social on Wednesday.

Announcing the session on the club’s Facebook group, an admin said “ASBO behaviour [is] expected” as members were urged to “set aside all that we believe to be good, honest and noble” and imitate a “young, lower-class person” on “one of the biggest socials of the year”.

Pictures uploaded to Instagram by the team’s committee members showed students wearing tracksuits, adorned with fake tattoos and carrying fake babies.

Before the event a Facebook post in the women’s hockey team group said: “We educated fair maidens, studying in one of the countries (sic) grandest universities, would find such behaviour, entirely alien.

“We have routinely schooled ourselves in the art of moderation, the ability to say and recognise the need for an early night.

“And yet ladies, for one night only we feel we should set aside all that we believe to be good,  honest and noble, and replace our champagne flutes with cans of K cider.”

The post continued: “With such ASBO behaviour expected, take off Daddy’s Debutante Ball present of Jimmy Chou’s (sic) and throw on Primark’s own leopard print Uggs.”

In a statement given to The Tab, Leeds University Union said: “LUU expects all of its clubs and societies to run inclusive and accessible activities, including socials.

“All clubs and societies commit to uphold the LUU Social Guidelines.

“Where we become aware that this is not the case, as in this instance, we will investigate this with the organisers and take disciplinary action against individuals or clubs as appropriate.”

The University of Leeds said the party was “ill-judged”.