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01st Mar 2022

Uni dropout has already made £2m ‘pouring beans’ on herself and pretending to be a giant on OnlyFans

Danny Jones

Girl makes millions from 'pouring beans' on herself and pretending to be giant on OnlyFans

‘It doesn’t feel strange at all… Nothing surprises me anymore, it’s just normal for me now’

A former university student who dropped out of her course to pursue a career on OnlyFans says she is now “set for life” after making more than £2m on the app. However, it’s the very particular type of content that she shares that has garnered so much intrigue.

Kaya Corbridge, now 25, joined the app back in 2017 and after realising how large a regular source of income it could be, decided to drop out of her international relations degree at Leeds Beckett University and try the subscription-based service full-time.

Now, she makes her millions by “pouring beans” on herself and pretending to be a giant.

@kayadoez Reply to @grumpyninja2006 kiss my ass grumpy #fyp ♬ original sound – kayadoez

As she explained to LeedsLive in February, as well as “food fetishes, where people want me to pour beans on myself, there’s a giant fetish where people want me to pretend that I’m a giant and I’m squashing them. So in that, I use the camera angle on the floor to make me look bigger and like use a little Lego man that they pretend is them.”

Corbridge went on to reveal even more unique and very specific requests: “I’ve had people asking me to shave my hair off, I’ve had invites to people’s weddings which is a bit strange. These people have never met me.” Nevertheless, in the period between March 2020 and March 2021, she earned a whopping £635,147 from a little over 18,000 subscribers. She now has over 100,000.

While the Lancashire-born content creator has faced criticism from some commenters online, others are praising her ability to make such a good living; one account commented, “Keep thriving and doing your thing”.

After the story was shared by the Liverpool Echo, Canadian comedian Katherine Ryan retweeted the outlet’s story in support of the budding millionaire, adding the caption “My hero”.

Sitting in the top “0.06 creators” on OnlyFans, enjoying a sizeable amount of followers on both Instagram and Twitter, as well having started a TikTok, the former uni student says she makes “tens of thousands” even on a “bad month”.

While she has, of course, already made millions from her paying subscribers – earning as much as £83k in one month – she revealed that she has provided content for free to “give back” to people such as health workers during the pandemic, as well as disabled people.

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