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24th Mar 2022

Woman videoed screaming and slapping air-stewardess banned for life

Kieran Galpin


They made an unscheduled stop purely to kick her off the plane

The passenger who was videoed screaming and slapping an air-stewardess has been banned for life and handed a hefty £5,000 bill.

Catherine Bush saw nationwide fame this week – but not for good reasons. She will now be known as the hysterical passenger who was videoed squaring up to Jet2 employees on a trip from Manchester to Turkey.

Her behaviour was so outrageous that the pilots were forced to stop in Vienna, Austria, just so Bush could be kicked off the plane.

Now, Jet2 have demanded a hefty £5,000 alongside a lifetime ban for what they described as “a catalogue of aggressive, abusive and dangerous behaviour.”

After being told to back off by air stewards, the Bradford resident can be heard screaming: “I am back. Sort your head out you.”

A calm and collected airline worker replied: “You are not doing yourself any favours.”

Bush scathed: “You’re not doing yourself any favours either. So what have I done?

“Don’t touch me, don’t ****ing touch me.”

Her voice cracking from its sheer volume, she added: “What have I done? What have I done wrong on this flight, eh? See, you haven’t got an answer.”

Ironically, Bush was journeying to Turkey for teeth whitening, which usually costs £3,500. However, the fine brings her teeth whitening total to £8,500, reports the Mail Online.

Managing Director of Jet2, Phil Ward, emphasised that Bush “must now face up to the consequences of her actions.”

He continued: “We have always made it abundantly clear that, as a family friendly airline, we take a zero-tolerance approach to such behaviour and that we will vigorously pursue any costs incurred as a result of such an incident.

“Although such incidents are very rare, it is unacceptable that our customers and crew have to experience it.

“We would like to apologise to anyone who had to experience this behaviour and we would like to commend our highly-trained crew for their exceptional handling of this difficult situation.

The video has seen a considerable amount of attention online, so while Bush may not return home with new pearly whites, she will at least be famous – or more accurately, infamous.

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