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06th Aug 2021

Woman in San Francisco pictured waving AK-47 out of car window

Danny Jones

Woman spotted waving AK-47 out of car window

The police have begun an investigation into the bizarre incident

US police have seized a car after a woman was seen hanging out of its window with an AK-47, in a scene that wouldn’t look out of place in GTA. The woman was apparently competing in an illegal drag race; ok, so maybe more like Need for Speed or Fast & Furious.

Police said the photo was taken back on the 11th of July during an “illegal exhibition of speed event” before the car was ultimately tracked down and seized on August 5th.

However, as far as has been reported so far, the unidentified woman was not arrested.

The San Fran PD issued a statement via local paper, SF Gate, in which spokesperson Adam Lobsinge explained that “[d]ue to the fact that this is an open [and] active investigation we cannot comment further.”

According to the police department’s mid-year report, firearm-related violence in the city during the first half 2021 has increased by 84 per cent compared against data from the previous year, with more fatal and non-fatal shootings between January and July than in 2020.

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