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30th Jul 2022

Woman gives birth in footwell going 70mph down the motorway

Kieran Galpin

there’s no point going all the way to Burnley just to get turned away again."

Well that’s certainly a story for the grandkids!

Despite thinking they had “plenty of time” to get to the hospital, a couple found themselves bringing life into the world at 70mph on the motorway.

Natalie Whitton and partner Lee Reynolds were in their Ford Fiesta when Whitton went into labour, though luckily, they had the midwife with them. Turning around to head towards the hospital, believing time was on his side, Reynolds went as fast as he could and still fell short.

While driving down the M65, Whitton “shot out” their baby into the footwell.

“There’s a baby in the footwell,” Reynolds rightly pointed out.


After picking up the baby, the unnamed midwife coached Whitton through the rest of the process.

“We needed to make sure the baby was breathing, and once she was sure the baby was breathing, she said to carry on,” Reynolds said.

“Lee kept asking me if I wanted to pull over. I could feel a little bit of an urge to push, but I said: ‘keep going!’,” Whitton added. “Then all of a sudden, the baby came out, and it went into the footwell of the car on the floor.”

The new mum added: “I remember feeling relieved that this pressure had gone. I had a water birth before, and that helped a lot, but I had nothing this time.”


Whitton and Reynolds were initially turned away from the hospital because they had arrived too early, but when his partner started getting pain, Reynold’s thought he’d “hold off for a bit” because “there’s no point going all the way to Burnley just to get turned away again.”

Arriving the second time, the baby already born, the couple were sent “into the emergency out-of-hours unit, and two midwives and a healthcare assistant came running out to Natalie to help her.”

The happy family has since returned home, no doubt awaiting the day they can tell Harrison about his birth.

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