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01st Jul 2022

Woman becomes attracted to a fence and has physical relationship with it

Cerys Baker


‘Brings a new meaning to sitting on the fence’

A woman is reportedly having a physical relationship with a fence after she became physically attracted to it and said she would, “like to get to know this fence better.”

The woman in question is Erika LaBrie, a competitive archer and advocate for object sexuality who gained fame in 2007 following a documentary on TLC about her love for inanimate objects. The show even featured a scene where she married the Eiffel Tower. 

Yes, you read that right.

Turns out, LaBrie feels sexual and romantic connections to inanimate objects and identifies as ‘objectum sexual’. 

Now, in a recently shared viral TikTok uploaded by @Mistaiah and captioned with the phrase, ‘oh dear she’s back,’ Labrie can be seen talking about her new love interest – a fence. 

The TikTok has since reached 11 million views and shows a clip where LaBrie can be seen straddling and caressing a red fence whilst saying to it,“oh you are sweet.”

@mistaiah oh dear, she’s back. #fyp #strangeobsession #strangeaddiction #wth #mistaiah #fence #foryoupage ♬ original sound – x.i.x

She also said that there was, “a lot of physical stuff going on right now.”

As the clip continues, LaBrie can be heard explaining that “fences are such dangerous objects for me because they are so perfect in their geometry.” 

As you might expect, people in the comments didn’t hold back when it came to discussing LaBrie’s new love interest. 

One person commented, “I feel like I’m interrupting something,” with another saying, “that’s enough internet for today.” 

Another posted: “Fence, blink twice if you need help..” 

Meanwhile, some people didn’t even believe it could be true, commenting, “There’s no way.” 

People also joked that it “brings a new meaning to sitting on the fence.” 

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