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14th Jul 2018

White House accidentally claims that Scotland is not part of the UK

James Dawson

The tweet was subsequently deleted

The official White House Twitter account has tweeted that Scotland is not a part of the UK as part of Donald Trump’s four-day “working visit” to Britain.

The mistake came yesterday, when the US President’s official residence claimed he was “departing the U.K.” to head to Scotland after meeting with the Queen. Scotland is, of course, very much part of the UK following the country’s independence referendum in 2014.

As you can imagine the mistake got a fair amount of flak on Twitter.

One user said: “…we’re dealing with a POTUS that doesn’t recognize any US territories outside the 50 states so… good luck explaining the UK/Great Britain thing…”

Another added: “Dear White House, England, Wales, Scotland, + Northern Ireland = U.K. England, Wales, + Scotland = Great Britain. England = England.”

Trump’s journey to Scotland is part of the “private” leg of his four-day “working visit” to the UK and follows his meeting with Theresa May and the Queen yesterday. He arrived at his privately-owned Turnberry golf resort in Scotland earlier today and he expected to play a round or two during his stay there.

Much like in London, he has been greeted by widespread protest north of the border, with the 20-foot “angry baby blimp” depicting the US president even following him up there. Earlier today it was launched into the air over The Meadows, Edinburgh following a protest in the city.