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17th Nov 2023

What happens to your body when you give up weed as Snoop Dogg quits smoking

Nina McLaughlin

Snoop Dogg has quit smoking for good, but what actually goes on inside when you give up weed?

The rapper is renowned for being one of the biggest stoners in pop culture, with him even having had his own personal blunt roller to keep him stocked up on spliffs.

However, he announced yesterday that he was giving up the green stuff.

In a statement, he said: “I’m giving up smoke. After much consideration & conversation with my family, I’ve decided to give up smoke.

“Please respect my privacy at this time.”

Having been such a prolific smoker for such a long time, the move is sure to have a big impact on the ‘Young, Wild & Free’ rapper.

But what actually goes on in your body when you give up weed?

Well, for chronic users, the body will likely go through withdrawal symptoms which, according to Midwest Recovery Centre, can include: “Anger, anxiety, mood swings, aggression, irritability, restlessness, shakiness, sleep problems, decreased appetite, nausea, stomach pain, and more.”

The site says that symptoms will begin within 3 days of being off the drug, with former users likely to become irritable.

Despite this, the lungs will begin to ‘heal’, and within a week symptoms of discomfort will come to a peak.

After two weeks, the withdrawals should subside, but some still suffer issues with sleep.

Many report having extremely vivid dreams after quitting the drug.

The UK Addiction Treatment Centre advocates things such as getting outside, doing some light exercise and staying hydrated to make the process of quitting easier.