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30th Aug 2022

People are only just discovering that three towers collapsed on 9/11

Danny Jones

How did Building 7 fall 911?

While some of us remember like it was yesterday, many people’s knowledge of 9/11 is still incomplete

Despite being one of the most well-known and tragic events in modern history, it would seem that some people on social media are only discovering it wasn’t just the Twin Towers that fell on 9/11.

While many may be aware that the infamous terrorist attack involved the two skyscrapers at the World Trade Centre and a third plane hitting the Pentagon shortly afterwards, a recent Reddit post revealed that some online were unaware that there was actually another tower that fell at the 7 World Trade Centre complex in New York.

Posting on Monday, user Rach_kitty shared her personal revelation on the popular r/conspiracy subreddit, admitting that she had only just learned that Building 7, sometimes referred to as Tower 7, also collapsed on September 11 some seven hours after the planes hit the complex’s larger counterparts.

Confessing the hole in her knowledge at the age of 21 and having only come across the information “less than a year ago”, she asked if other Redditors had similar experiences or incomplete memories of the watershed moment.

While plenty remarked that they were old enough to remember the day more fully and even recall the BBC reporting live that the fourth structure had fallen, some admitted “I forgot all about that” while others hadn’t learned this fact until recently either.

Australian u/Quirky_Ad3367 commented that despite “watch[ing] it live when [they were] was 11”, they had only known of the Twin Towers and the Pentagon being hit and falling, stating that “it wasn’t until recent years” that they learned of Building 7’s fate. Nevertheless, the structure’s collapse has been the subjected of debate ever for over 20 years.

The 47-storey building was the original structure erected in 1987 as part of the World Trade Centre complex and located immediately north of its larger and once skyline-defining twins, which each stretched for more than double the amount, standing at a remarkable 110 stories.

It was the last to building to fall, admittedly a significant time after its counterparts and without being hit by any aircraft or a cruise missile – the lattermost is what many believe actually occurred at the Pentagon, as opposed to American Airlines Flight 77.

In a report from Stanford University, a structural engineer states that Building 7 collapsed due to structural weaknesses exploited by the surrounding fire and debris, “making it the first major structure in the United States to collapse because of fire.”

Given its relatively young age and modern technology – not to mention the fact that the BBC incorrectly reported the time at which it fell – many ‘truthers’ doubt this explanation, with some suggesting it was a controlled detonation due to the speed at which it is said to have fell and how neatly it collapsed onto its own footprint.

You can read the full timeline of the events that took place on 9/11 here.

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