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07th Jun 2023

West Ham fans ‘attacked by ultras’ ahead of Conference League final

Callum Boyle

West Ham

A group of fans dressed in all black and masks attacked a number of West Ham fans

A group of West Ham fans have been attacked in Prague by a number of Fiorentina ‘ultras’ ahead of the Conference League final.

The incident occurred at 3pm in central Prague after the group of Italians covered in black clothing and masks attacked those celebrating.

Several West Ham fans moved towards the bar after being made aware of what had happened, however riot police were drafted in to prevent the situation from escalating any further.

So far it is unknown if anyone was injured in the attacks.

One West Ham fan who witnessed the events unfold told the MailOnline: “They targeted a group and attacked them quite violently then ran off before anyone could react. It was completely unprovoked. They were all ultras dressed in black. It was pretty grim.”

Video footage of the attack was caught and posted online by a number of onlookers while the Daily Mail revealed that they saw a number of suspected fans involved being handcuffed and arrested.

Police tried to calm the situation down by calling for the Fiorentina fans, and any other remaining ultras, to leave the area immediately.

West Ham are competing in their first European final since 1976 and are aiming to win their first major piece of silverware since the FA Cup, 43 years ago.

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