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09th Jun 2017

Watch Jeremy Corbyn deliver the ‘worst high five of all time’ as he arrives at Islington North count

Admittedly, probably not the biggest news of Election Night...


Jeremy Corbyn was pretty excited when he turned up at his Islington North count.

And who could blame him?

After all, exit polls had earlier delivered the news that the Conservatives would fall short of the 326 seats needed for an absolute majority in the House of Commons, and a surge in support for the Labour leader saw him briefly installed as odds on favourite to become the next PM.

With the news that the Tories didn’t expect to outperform the exit poll forecast shortly following this, it was very much the time for optimism within Corbyn’s camp.

While Corbyn might be greatly admired and seen as a symbol of hope by many of those that voted for him on Thursday, the following footage shows that he’s undeniably a bit shit when it comes to high fives.

Grinning like a Cheshire cat, Corbyn can be seen with his arm around Emily Thornberry in the footage below.

Thornberry briefly points at Corbyn’s face, while posing for a photograph. Seeing this, Corbyn mistakenly takes it as an invitation for a high five. It wasn’t an invitation for a high five, leaving the man that might well be the next PM to somewhat awkwardly slap her in the chest.