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08th Apr 2015

Video: The Green Party have released a ‘boy band’ song

Just 28 more days of this, guys: hang in there...


We don’t know what to think of this.

The Green Party have released an unusual party political broadcast in the form of a boy band-style music video.

It’s OK, we guess? It’s an entertaining way of getting your political point across, at the very least.

This musical madness started when Ukip did a pretty offensive (and crap) Calypso song. The Liberal Democrats then tried to get in on the action and went all Uptown Funk,  and now The Green Party does Boybands.

Jeeez, what next?

We’d like to see the Tories try and capture the northern youth vote with a Gabba track, and perhaps the Labour Party could reaffirm their grip on their traditional north London demographic with some smooth jazz.

Video/Image: The Green Party