Video board game Atmosfear will return after smashing Kickstarter target 2 months ago

Video board game Atmosfear will return after smashing Kickstarter target

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Popular 90's video board game Atmosfear is making a return to the UK market after smashing a Kickstarter campaign in time for the 30th anniversary.


Developed by Phillip Tanner and Brett Clements in 1991, the game first launched in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and North America under the name Nightmare - which, let's be honest, is less catchy.

Due to copyright issues, the same game launched in Europe under Atmosfear and became an instant hit, selling two million units two years after launch.

Though the game has seen a few expansions over the years, a Kickstarter campaign is bringing the original back to us in all of its former glory. With the initial goal of $48,529 and a finishing amount of £107,423, suffice to say that there is undoubtedly a demand for its return.

Atmosfear It's back!/Via Kickstarer

According to the Kickstarter, the new addition will "expand on the original with deluxe game play extras and new custom pieces" as well as "new playing pieces, extra cards, and incorporating the crazy Baron Samedi expansion".


The game will also introduce a "new and original backstory of The Gatekeeper" in the form of a graphic novel.

The 30th-anniversary edition is due to release in 2022.

Names and faces we know are popping up/Via Kickstarter

According to the campaign, the game will see "three to six very brave (AKA foolish) players take on a video ghoul host – The Gatekeeper – in a game of skill, chance, shocks and laughs. During the game, as you make your way around the board collecting keys, THE GATEKEEPER makes random appearances to bully, insult, reward or punish you; why? Because he can, this is his game, and these are his rules.


"Reach into the bag of mystery to randomly choose which of the six harbingers of doom you will become and grab your special number before you launch the Master of Cemeteries: THE GATEKEEPER.

"To beat THE GATEKEEPER, you must collect 6 keys while you are taunted by The Gatekeeper, battle with your supposed friends, and take a chance with the Fate, Time and Chance cards, as you hopefully make your way to the centre of the board where you need to avoid facing your worst nightmare; the thing you fear most!"

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