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13th Sep 2022

Vanessa Feltz in heated clash with royal biographer for ‘fuelling anti-Meghan Markle faction’

Charlie Herbert

The biographer claimed Meghan was ‘not fit’ to be part of the Royal Family

Vanessa Feltz has been praised for her comments after asking a royal biographer whether she felt “responsible” for fuelling criticism of Meghan Markle.

Vanessa was involved in a heated exchange with biographer Angela Levin on her TalkTV show.

The host was discussing the reunion of Princes William and Harry alongside their wives, Kate and Meghan, following the death of the Queen at Balmoral aged 96 last week, when talk turned to Angela’s past remarks on Meghan.

Levin, who has previously written biographies about Prince Harry as well as new Queen Consort Camilla, has in the past accused the Duchess of Sussex of “taking everything for granted and not giving back.”

She has also previously described Meghan as having had a “breathtaking” arrogance.

On Vanessa’s show, the biographer suggested Meghan “wasn’t fit” to be part of the Royal Family.

This lead the host to ask Angela whether she felt she had been “very harsh” on the duchess.

Angela claimed Meghan “likes it to be all about her,” adding that she “just hated it, she hated to be told what to do, she hated the protocols.”

When guests in the studio took issue with this, Vanessa went back to the biographer, asking: “Do you feel you have been responsible for fuelling a kind of anti-Meghan faction that has been spiteful and targeting and possible fanciful as well? Quite a lot of what’s been said about her has been manufactured anyway.”

Angela went on to label Markle’s interview with Oprah Winfrey as a “disgrace,” claiming there were “at least 17 lies in there.”

She added: “I think she’s attacked the royals completely unnecessarily. I think she’s changed Harry to be a sort of walking victim.”

It was at this point that Vanessa interrupted: “Hang on, that means you consider him to be a sap, someone so malleable. He’s served very bravely in mortal combat, he’s not the kind of guy who can be pushed around, is he?”

Angela responded: “I don’t have to justify myself to you. I’m not in court. This is my view, this is what I’ve said. People ask me questions and I answer them honestly to what I’ve said.

“I’ve followed them very closely, I’ve spent 15 months with Prince Harry. The Prince Harry I knew was absolutely charming, instinctive like his mother, full of fun, and now he looks, when he’s out, incredibly unhappy and very tense and resentful.”

Vanessa didn’t let up though, and Angela began to become more and more irritated with what she perceived to be an “agenda” against her.

The host challenged Angela, saying: “I wonder if you’re just rehashing that biblical story that we’ve heard so many times before of the evil temptress and the trusting and vulnerable man who is gullible and malleable in her hands.

“I wonder whether you know if it’s based on any real knowledge of her personality and what she truly feels and thinks.

“After all, how can you know? How can any of us really know?”

Angela didn’t back down, insisting that she didn’t need to justify her views to anyone, and refusing to explain the basis behind her dislike of Meghan.

Eventually, Vanessa gave up with the interview, thanking Angela for appearing on the programme and ending the conversation.

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