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05th Oct 2022

Top BBC star ‘got stripper pregnant before dumping her via text and making her sign NDA’

April Curtin

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - OCTOBER 22: People walk near the entrance to BBC Broadcasting House on October 22, 2012 in London, England. A BBC1 'Panorama' documentary to be broadcast later tonight contains new allegations about the handling by BBC2 programme 'Newsnight' concerning claims of sexual abuse allegedly carried out by fomer BBC television presenter, Jimmy Savile, the transmission of which was subsequently dropped. Police have confirmed that Sir Jimmy Savile, the BBC presenter and DJ who died in October 2011 aged 84, may have sexually abused young girls on BBC premises. (Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

She is convinced her child is “not the only one”

A prime-time BBC presenter fathered a child with a stripper before he dumped her and made her sign an NDA, it has been alleged.

The woman claims she had a six-month affair with the top BBC presenter, who once apparently scrawled his “famous catchphrase” across her chest. The pair first met in a nightclub while he was working on a show in the area, the dancer claimed while speaking to The Sun.

The stripper said they met up five or six times before she fell pregnant, and the unnamed star quickly broke up with her before demanding she signed an NDA.

“As soon as I told him he said he couldn’t have kids and denied she was his,” the dancer told The Sun, “He then blocked all of my numbers, changed his — and vanished.”

The woman claims she contacted the presenter’s lawyers and a DNA test was carried out, which the presenter attended with a male relative. She believes the male relative helped the BBC star cheat the DNA test, as it only confirmed the child was a match for the star’s family. There was not conclusive proof the presenter was the father, meaning he was not legally obliged to pay child support.

“It was a ridiculous situation,” she said, “the suggestion being that instead of getting pregnant by him it might have been his brother, dad, uncle or grandad.”

The TV favourite has had no contact with the daughter since she was born, and has not paid any maintenance to the mother, the dancer claims. The child is, however, eager to meet her allegedly famous father.

“Luckily, the NDA only applies to me, and doesn’t cover my daughter,” the dancer said.

Explaining why she is sure her daughter is “not the only one”, the stripper said: “There’s quite a few he’s kept quiet, because I know I wasn’t the only one he was meeting up with.”

“There’s a lot of them out there,” she added.

She said while she was upset about being left “young and dumb, pregnant and scared” at the time, she has no regrets and feels that, while she missed out on a bit of money, the presenter has missed out on his daughter’s whole life.
JOE has contacted BBC for comment.

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