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09th Dec 2015

Tony Blair comes out in support of Tony Blair, and the internet responds superbly

Nooruddean Choudry

Tony Blair was once seen as the Labour Party’s saviour.

Some loyal devotees still believe that to be true, but many feel his legacy is forever tarnished.

The fact that he ignored the laments of a nation and led the country into a bogus war with Iraq remains unforgivable to millions of his former advocates.

Then there’s the fact that his brand of ‘New Labour’ ushered in an era of centrist politics that moved what was traditionally the workers’ party much closer to their Tory foes.

In fact, he is perceived in some circles as the proto-Cameron, both in terms of common territory and the smarmy disingenuous veneer of personality politics.

Thankfully, Blair has a powerful ally who has come out in support of his record and legacy – Tony Blair.

That’s right – Tony Blair has written an article for the Spectator in defence of Blairism…

Of course, the internet wasn’t about to let Tony Blair get away with praising Tony Blair in the most Tony Blair way possible.

Here are just some of the best ripostes to the self-praising former PM…