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17th Nov 2022

Toddler starved to death after being stranded at home when his father died of heart disease

Charlie Herbert

Officials said the toddler was ‘not able to obtain any nourishment after his father passed’

A two-year-old boy was found dead in an apartment after he had been left to fend for himself when his father died of heart disease.

David Conde Jr. was found in the same bedroom as his father David Conde Sr., 59, in their Geneva, New York, apartment on February 15. They were last seen alive on January 22, NBC News reports.

Described as “a beautiful baby boy with curly locks”, the toddler had recently learned to walk following a number of surgeries because of a medical condition at birth.

The boy and his father’s causes of death have only just been released, according to a news release from the Ontario County Sheriff’s Office.

On Monday, deputies announced that Conde Sr. died of natural causes due to cardiovascular disease.

His son died of starvation sometime afterwards, deputies said.

The news release said: “It is believed Mr. Conde passed away first and the child was not able to obtain any nourishment after his father passed.”

The Democrat and Chronicle reported that investigators said Conde Sr. had gained custody of the two-year-old shortly after he was born.

Ontario County Sheriff’s Lt. David Cirencione said that the mother did not appear to be in contact with the child, according to the publication.

The investigation into their deaths has been officially closed, deputies said on Monday.

Conde Jr.’s obituary notes that he had “a determined smile and sweet disposition.”

A memorial was held for the toddler on March 16 at Covert Funeral Home in Ovid.

He was survived by his mother, Michelle Travers, and her partner, Marshall Watson, of Newark.

Conde Jr. also had six brothers, Caden, Rickey, Ryan, Justin, Julian and Kayshaun; as well as a sister, Kiera.

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