TikTok star dead aged 28 after lover allegedly strangled him over video game 7 months ago

TikTok star dead aged 28 after lover allegedly strangled him over video game

He is thought to have been strangled in his sleep

TikTok star Rory Teasley died aged just 28 after his boyfriend allegedly strangled him during a fight over a video game, according to reports.


As per local news outlet ClickOnDetroit, Docquen Jovo Watkins, 31, called the police after an altercation with boyfriend Teasley, with the argument starting over the popular video game, Overwatch.

The couple, who police say had been together for 10 years, recorded a video together as recently as December 6 2021:

@too2pump4tv Lmaoo Broo Dead Ass We Tornnnn ??? ft @DocQuen Watkins ‼️ #Fyp #ForYouPage #Mood #insane #Relationship #Boyfriend #Cheated #Unboxing #SummerWalker ♬ Insane - Summer Walker

Oakland County Sheriff's Office confirmed that they arrived at the house in Pontiac, Michigan just before midnight on January 6 to find Teasley was unconscious and not breathing.

Watkins said that he was sleeping on the sofa when he started strangling him; after officers showed up, the TikToker was then taken to a nearby hospital and pronounced dead shortly after.

Watkins was taken into custody and charged with second-degree murder on Sunday - he is also believed to have a prior misdemeanour conviction for malicious destruction of property.


Here is the last upload he posted to his page:

@too2pump4tv Getting Old A Mf ?????‼️? #Fyp #ForYouPage #2Pump4Tv #Old #routine #journaling #bye2021 #fitcheck #2021recap ♬ Floor Cracking (Building Wall Ceiling Ground Concrete House Crack Noise Clip) [Sound Effect] - Finnolia Sound Effects

This isn't the only recent TikTok death either, as last week creator Candice Murley Marystown, better known as Candi, died unexpectedly at 36 - the cause of her death is still unknown.


Authorities say that a 'probable cause conference' is scheduled for January 18, followed by a preliminary examination which is scheduled for the 25.

Rest in peace.

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