This #toohottosleep hashtag literally sums up everyone's struggle last night 5 years ago

This #toohottosleep hashtag literally sums up everyone's struggle last night

It's not likely that any of us had a comfortable night sleep last night - a crappy night of kicking off covers and tossing and turning is the tax we have to pay for spending the day sweltering in a heatwave.

Well, if you didn't get much kip, and are feeling like a zombie today as a result, you're not alone.


The hashtag #toohottosleep started trending last night and continued through to the morning as people in Ireland and the UK vented their frustration on Twitter (it was about the only "venting" going on). 

People found solidarity, which is always nice...


Leaving the bedroom window open seemed like a good option, but there were big risks attached:




Some people made the mo(i)st of a sticky situation:

There were some people who defied all the odds...

...and others who wisely planned ahead:

But for the majority of us it was a case of...

As a result, this is everyone today:

*whispers* Close your bedroom windows during the day, and *then* open them just before bedtime. The change in air pressure should mean your room gets cooler quicker, rather than just stay at one temperature level all day. *Runs away*

Thank us later.


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