This is the Saturday Night Live sketch that has got Donald Trump so worked up 5 years ago

This is the Saturday Night Live sketch that has got Donald Trump so worked up

Donald Trump is going to be President of the United States of America in just seven short weeks.

It's shocking, it's frightening... and it's happening.


So how is Trump spending his time before he takes up the most powerful office in the entire world?

Learning everything he can about the challenges of the Middle East, perhaps?

Surrounding himself with the very best advisors on domestic and foreign policy?


Working around the clock to come up with some genuinely inventive and creative policies to help America move forward?

Well, maybe he is doing all that, but he mostly seems to spend his time tweeting about things that annoy him.

Exhibit A: the president elect voicing his displeasure at a Saturday night TV comedy show:

And this is the sketch that had him so annoyed that he felt compelled to Tweet about it:


The clip shows Alec Baldwin busting out his excellent Trump impression to show us the billionaire's Twitter strategy.

It's important to note - as Kate McKinnon who plays Trump's senior adviser Kellyanne Conway does - that the President Elect really did retweet a 16-year-old high school student named Seth who criticised CNN's coverage of Trump.

Trump used his tweet to mock Baldwin's impression of him, saying it "just can't get any worse", but Baldwin had the last word when he replied to Trump's tweet with this challenge:


Over to you, Donald.

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