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17th Nov 2015

This is proof ISIS are sh*tting themselves about Anonymous waging war

We would be too!


Anonymous have waged an all-out war against ISIS.

The global hacker group started targeting members of the terror sect online in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks in France.

But the mass killing on the streets of Paris which left more than 130 dead on Friday has led Anonymous to declare war on them.

In a chilling statement a figure in a Guy Fawkes mask vowed to ‘hunt them down’ and destroy their online networks and communications.

Now it seems like the threat of cyber war has had an immediate effect on ISIS…and they sound a bit worried.

An ISIS-affiliated account on messaging app Telegram is alleged to have released a message, which was issued in English and Arabic, with instructions to counter hacking from Anonymous.

The message says: “The #Anonymous hackers threatened in new video release that they will carry out a major hack operation on the Islamic state (idiots).”

It mentions supporters having their emails hacked and Twitter accounts shut down.

Then the messages sets out instructions to avoid hacking including opening links, changing their IP address constantly and not speaking to anyone they don’t know on the Telegram app.

Anonymous is trying to wipe ISIS off the internet but Telegram offers terror group supporters a way of anonymously posting messages which then expire after a certain time period and is thought to be undetectable to spies.