This 20ft wooden erection with veiny carvings has got park visitors really excited 2 months ago

This 20ft wooden erection with veiny carvings has got park visitors really excited

'Morning wood' has never been so accurate

A sculpture depicting various woodland animals has sparked interest with dirty-minded locals who say it looks like an erect penis.


Artist Heather Crompton designed a wooden column showcasing various animals, including birds, rabbits and squirrels. Unfortunately, the design also resembles male genitalia.

Located in Beaumont Park in Huddersfield, the statue has drawn the attention of locals and mainstream media.

"Beautiful carvings on it but definitely looks like people will start rubbing it to aid fertility," wrote one person on the Friends of Beaumont Park Facebook page.


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Another added: "But the sculpture is totally a giant willy and was badly thought out. We are at beaumont park a lot and i couldnt quite believe it first time we saw it."

The 20ft sculpture has grown in popularity since Metro covered the story on June 13 and was even featured on Greg James' Radio 1 breakfast show.


"There is a news story around today that is so up my street, I had to check that I hadn't actually written the story myself and forgotten about it," he said. "I agree with the article, I have no idea why anyone would have a problem with it at all."

"Now, please, hold it together, I hope no one is laughing at home," he added.

The DJ and presenter even sent someone to the scene for what he called "private investigations." Ecologist Larissa described the phallus as an "elongated minion", and described the art as featuring "leaves and vines on it, and it's got some local UK wildlife carved into it, which is quite nice.


"It's a nice piece of art really, that someone's maybe got too invested in – they've worked really closely on it and stepped back at the end and gone, 'Ahh, yes, it looks like a penis'," James added.

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