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11th Mar 2016

The battered Creme Egg burger could be this Easter’s most outrageous meal


Matt Tate

It’s been a spectacular fortnight for fans of the mighty Creme Egg.

First we had Creme Egg peanut butter. Then there was Creme Egg pizza. So it will probably be of no surprise to any of you that the Creme Egg burger completes the hat-trick.

This gluttonous monster will soon be on the menu at the K West Hotel & Spa in Shepherd’s Bush, London, and is inspired by the success of a similar burger they created last year. The big difference here is that the Creme Egg will be deep fried. Yes, deep fried.

Creme Egg Burger.jpg

Credit: K West Hotel

The burger’s brioche bun is dipped in white chocolate and dusted with raspberry sprinkles, and the ‘burger’ is topped off with mascarpone cheese and strawberry jelly. It’s definitely one to hide from the dentist.

creme egg burger 2.jpg

Credit: K West Hotel

The burgers will be on sale from March 20 for a limited time. Those on a lifelong quest to devour everything involving Cadbury’s impressively versatile egg, mark it in your diary.