Tesco to increase meal deal price from next week 4 months ago

Tesco to increase meal deal price from next week

Luckily our lives aren't completely over and there is a way around it

We all love a cheeky meal deal from time to time - and Tesco has to be up there in 'God Tier' when it comes to rankings.


The range of mains, snacks and drinks you can get for just £3 has always been pretty stellar.

Which is why so many meal deal devotees will be devastated to find out that Tesco is increasing its current meal deal price by a whole 50p.

Inflation really is starting to take the piss at this point.


Luckily, there is an easy way to keep getting your Tesco meal deal fix for just three quid.

If you're a Clubcard owner, you'll be able to continue enjoying your meal deals at the current price - and anyone who isn't signed up to Tesco's loyalty scheme yet can do so for free.

Plus, you'll now be able to earn points for your meal deal purchases, something which wasn't an option before, meaning you can save up and spend points on yet more meal deals. Win!

Coffee fans will also have another reason to love Tesco's meal deal when another hot addition comes into the equation.


2,000 of the supermarket's stores will allow Costa hot drinks to be part of a meal deal. These would normally cost between £1.75 to £2.85 on their own, so will definitely be a bargain when bought in the meal deal.

This will only be for 12 weeks, so get your fix in while you can.

While unveiling plans for the latest addition to the deal, Tesco also revealed what the UK's favourite meal deal items include.

Chicken, bacon and stuffing sandwich, 500ml bottles of Coca-Cola and McCoy's flame-grilled steak crisps topped the list.


We'll leave you to dwell on that.

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