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08th Nov 2023

Tattoo artist speaks out after woman gets boyfriend’s name ‘tattooed’ on her forehead

Nina McLaughlin

A tattoo artist has spoken out after a woman went viral for getting her boyfriend’s name ‘tattooed’ on her forehead.

Influencer Ana Stanskovsky, who is currently based out of Bali, posted a video to her social media accounts showing her getting the stencil of the name ‘Kevin’ drawn on her head.

In the clip, she sits down in the tattooist’s chair to get the questionable design inked forever, and squirms in apparent pain as the needle was ‘etching’ the name into her head.

However, all may not be as it seems, as a tattoo artist has revealed that they do not believe it is legit.

 Kevin Paul, a tattoo artist who has worked on the likes of Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles and Rihanna, spoke to Metro about what he thinks of Stanskovsky’s bold look.

“‘It’s 100% fake. It’s literally black marker pen,” he shared.

“The machine isn’t even running and there’s no ink coming out of it.

“There’s no needle actually going into the skin.”

He explained that her skin “would be raised and welted” if she was really getting it tattooed.

“All the pores would be raised up,” he added.

“You’d also see ink and blood dripping down her face.”

“You don’t sit with a face like that when you’re getting your head tattooed. It hurts.

“It’s a desperate attempt for a tattoo artist to get noticed, and for the girl to get more followers.”