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22nd Jun 2017

Sympathetic Gary Lineker responds to furious Daily Mail editorial

Not a hint of irony...


We’re absolutely certain Gary wasn’t being ironic here…

This week, the Daily Mail have been angered by a cartoon featured in The Guardian in response to the terrorist attack on worshippers at a London Mosque.

The cartoon – seen below – appears to show the van used in the attack, with the message ‘Read The Sun and Daily Mail’ on its side.

On Thursday morning, the Daily Mail responded to this by attacking The Guardian with a lengthy editorial piece.

As word of this reached Lineker, he was quick make it known that his thoughts were very much with those connected with tabloid.

Not a hint of irony.

Lineker has, of course, had a few things to say about the Daily Mail – and ‘separate entity’, Mail Online – over recent months.

As recently as February, the Match of the Day host hit back at the paper for publishing a story about his tax affairs. This, Lineker claimed, was done deliberately by the Mail because of his different political views.

‘I have always paid my taxes on time and in full,’ Lineker said on Twitter at the time. ‘The Daily Mail continues its vendetta against me because they don’t agree with my views.

‘I will continue to speak up for refugees and immigrants and British values of tolerance and free speech. I won’t be bullied by them’.

Still, as pointed out by Felicity Morse, Lineker can at least take something useful from the Mail’s editorial…