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22nd Jun 2017

The Daily Mail and Mail Online aren’t the same thing – and people are very, very confused

People have been quick to pick up on this...

Simon Lloyd

The Daily Mail and Mail Online aren’t the same thing.

But hey, don’t just take that from us. Take it from the Daily Mail themselves.

This week, the folks at the DM have been angered by a cartoon featured in The Guardian in response to the terrorist attack on worshippers at a London Mosque.

As can be seen below, the cartoon appears to show the van used in the attack, with the message ‘Read The Sun and Daily Mail’ on its side.

The cartoon has prompted an editorial attacking The Guardian which featured in Thursday editions of the Daily Mail. ‘Fake news, the fascist left and the REAL purveyors of hatred,’ reads its headline.

One particular part of the article criticises how a Guardian writer attacked the Daily Mail for publishing the comments of ‘controversial’ Katie Hopkins. This, they explained, is a ‘lie’.

Why is it a lie? Well, as the paragraph goes on to explain, the Daily Mail and the Mail Online are two very different things.

‘The Guardian and its writer know that Ms Hopkins has nothing to do with the Daily Mail, but works for Mail Online – a totally separate entity that has its own publisher, its own readership different content and a very different world view.’

Such information came as a surprise to many of those that have since read it, as the tweets below make clear…