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22nd Jun 2017

No one can quite believe the bare-faced cheek of the Daily Mail’s ‘offended’ editorial

Fragile Mail ego


The poor Daily Mail are *sick* of being picked on, okay?

That’s right, a newspaper whose raison d’etre seems to be picking on minority groups and blaming everything bad in our lives on them, is feeling sorry for itself and wants people to stop being so bloody mean.

You see, it’s not the immigrants, refugees, ethnic minorities, Muslims, the travelling community, or feminists who have it hard – despite the fact they are regularly castigated and condemned in the tabloid’s pages.

No – it’s the paper itself. The same Mail that complains about ‘PC-gone-mad’ and a generation of over-sensitive ‘snowflakes’ is losing its shit because the Guardian published a poignant and searingly apt cartoon that didn’t go down well at Mail HQ.

It shows a van, similar to that used in the fatal attack on a mosque in London this past week, which has ‘Read the Sun & Daily Mail’ writ large on the side. It is the work of the always brilliant Martin Rowson.

The meaning of the joke hardly needs explaining, but this should drive the point home:

The Mail reacted by publishing a raging editorial on Thursday morning attacking the left-leaning media, specially the Guardian, for pointing fingers at their right-wing publication. Under the headline ‘Fake news, the fascist Left and the REAL purveyors of hatred’, the piece is as petulant as it is conceited.

In moaning about the Guardian’s portrayal of the Mail, editor Paul Dacre seemed to inadvertently describe to a tee what many people think in all sincerity…

“The implication was as unmistakable as it was poisonous. The Guardian was telling its followers that the Daily Mail and its readers are vicious bigots with the blood of innocent, peace-loving Muslims on their hands.”

Whilst the general self-pitying tone is mildly hilarious considering the fact that Mail seem to love making scapegoats out of whole communities and peoples:

“Hardly a day passes without drip, drip, drip of mendacious vitriol and bile from Guardian writers, attacking us and our readership and, by implication, all fair-minded, small-c conservatives who make up the great majority in this country.”

One of the most bizarre aspects of the piece was the Daily Mail’s desperation to distance itself from the Daily Mail’s website. Despite the fact that both regularly run the same content by the same writers, and the URL is…

Utterly bizarre. Just remember that in the context of all that has gone in this country over the last couple of months, the Daily Mail and their readers are the real victims here.