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07th Jul 2018

Sweden players turfed out of team hotel by early morning fire alarm

Just a few hours before they play England

Oli Dugmore

Just a few hours before they play England

Sweden’s football team were evacuated from their team hotel this morning due to an early morning fire alarm.

The alarm sounded at around 8.30am this morning, forcing the bleary-eyed Swedes out of their rooms and into the five-star hotel’s lobby in Samara.

They looked “irritated and annoyed” before returning upstairs ahead of their World Cup quarter-final against England.

Sky Sports’ Geraint Hughes was at the venue and said: “A fire alarm went off just before half past eight local time here in Samara. The hotel Sweden are staying in had to be evacuated.

“It turned out to be a false alarm but nonetheless ‘irritating’ and ‘annoying’ are two words that spring to mind.

“The Sweden team are staying in a slightly different part of the hotel but they all had to leave their hotel rooms, all had to make their way down the emergency stairways and they had to come outside.

“It’s irritating and annoying for Sweden. It’s not what they wanted on the morning of a big game.

“It could have been half 3, half 4, half 5 in the morning. Sweden have set times for a matchday, like England do, and they will want to go through their routines, eat at a certain time, rest at a certain time, and little things like this are very annoying.”

It is unknown who is responsible for triggering the alarm, which could have been set off accidentally or by a guest smoking in their room.

My money’s on Jamie Vardy.