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05th Jun 2022

This hilarious Queen moment from Jubilee Party is now an instant meme

Simon Bland

We always wondered what was in that handbag…

The Queen may not have been able to attend last night’s Platinum Jubilee party in person but that didn’t stop her from stealing the show thanks to a now-viral moment.

While the monarch was not in attendance at yesterday’s celebrations due to ongoing mobility issues, the 96-year-old royal did make an appearance with an unlikely co-star, Paddington Bear.

In what has quickly become a viral moment, the unlikely pairing of Her Majesty the Queen and everyone’s favourite marmalade sandwich-loving bear has proven to be the wholesome piece of content we’re all in dire need of right now.

The two minute clip features Paddington sitting down for a pot of tea with HRH before his love of food and drink get the better of him.

“Thank you for having me. I do hope you’re having a lovely Jubilee,” offers the bear, voiced by James Bond star Ben Whishaw.

However while this unlikely pairing was good enough, there was one moment in particular that set Twitter – and fellow Royals alight.

After making a bit of a mess of their tea party, Paddington asks the Queen: “Perhaps you would like a marmalade sandwich?” before pulling one out from under his iconic red hat.

“I always keep one for emergencies.”

Without missing a beat, the Queen fires back: “So do I. I keep mine in here,” pulling her own sandwich out from inside her handbag. “For later.”

Watch a section of the clip below:

It was a moment that particularly tickled Prince George and Princess Charlotte who were watching the short film play live and appeared to love seeing the moment where their great grandmother pulled the sandwich from her handbag.

Fans on Twitter loved the moment too – especially for its ability to showcase the Monarch’s playful sense of humour.

Of course this isn’t the first time Queen Elizabeth II has had a little fun with her image and status.

Back in 2012, she appeared alongside Daniel Craig’s former James Bond in a sketch for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games that saw her jump out of a helicopter.

Well, someone pretending to be her at least.

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