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09th Jul 2024

Supermarket removes T-shirt with extremely offensive hidden swear word


When you see it, you can’t un-see it.

Yes that’s right folks, Walmart over in Canada have removed a t-shirt from their shelves after shoppers pointed out that it accidentally had a very offensive swear word on it.

The shirt, which was intended as a pro-recycling shirt, included a message which read: Recycle, Reuse, Renew, Rethink.

So far, so good.

Until you look at the tee itself.

The way the t-shirt is designed shows RE in capital letters with Cycle, Used, New, and Think, written in smaller letters going downwards.

And if you look at Cycle, Use, New, and Think, the first letter of each of them words in a vertical row reads as, well: “C*nt.”

Taking to X, one person shared a picture of the tee and wrote: “I need this shirt before Walmart realises what they’ve done.”

The t-shirt then understandably went viral.

One person commented: “So THIS is why C U Next Tuesday was trending.”

Another wrote: “Wish I had one.”

While a third said: “See You Next Tuesday is a great name for a band.”

Another wrote: “What’s wrong with Tuesday?”

After going viral, the folks at Walmart decided to remove it from their stores.

In a statement to Fox, a spokesperson for the supermarket said: “The shirt was only sold at Walmart Canada and has been removed from stores.”

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