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03rd Feb 2019

Suella Braverman tweet confirms old white dudes support a no deal Brexit

'No sign of Project Fear' in this group of old people

Oli Dugmore

‘No sign of Project Fear’ in this group of old people

Suella Braverman has confirmed what everyone was thinking – that a no deal Brexit is largely the preserve of those who won’t be around to see the consequences.

Admittedly the Fareham MP’s open meeting to discuss Brexit was held on a Saturday night, I appreciate that some people may have had other things to do, but there is something quite recurrent about the crowd.

Braverman said there was “no sign of Project Fear in Fareham tonight” where a “large majority” were in favour of leaving the EU without a deal.

It’s not clear if, by “Project Fear,” Braverman was referring to Nissan’s decision to move production of the X-Trail from Sunderland to Japan, citing Brexit as a factor. She may have meant the letter sent to NHS chiefs by the chief exec of NHS Providers, warning that a no deal could leave entire hospitals without medicine, or the warning from the National Farmers’ Union that the country will run out of food.

Indeed, Suella Braverman may not have been referring to that message from the National Farmers’ Union in summer last year. She may have meant today’s assessment that a no deal would destroy Britain’s entire agricultural sector, or that the military would be deployed to our streets, or the Queen being evacuated in the event of civil unrest.

Who needs experts? Project Fear has nothing on shuffling off the mortal coil.

Thank you to Holy Trinity Church for hosting this great meeting of minds.