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02nd Sep 2022

Student captured moment entire class found out about 9/11 in sobering footage

Kieran Galpin

The room fell silent as the news was announced

A resurfaced video has shown the sobering moment an entire class found out about the 9/11 terror attacks, with many covering their mouths in shock.

Video footage from over 20-years-ago has popped up on TikTok again through a page that produces content about the World Trade Centre attack.

The video begins with a student in orange carrying a textbook to a nearby desk and joking around with her fellow classmates. Halfway through the clip, the tone shifts, and a small mounted TV shows the news. The atmosphere is both visibly and audibly different, with most students sitting in disbelief.

@_911_footage_ #september11 #911 #worldtradecenter #wtc ♬ original sound – september11

Their reactions are as expected, with one saying “oh my gosh” as another student covers his mouth.

Though it’s been over 20 years since the attack, the aftershocks can still be felt today.

“Do you know how crazy something has to be so that a classroom full of teenagers remains that silent?” wrote in reply.

“I find it so strange that us 25-30yr olds have lived through so many world changing events both good and bad, I remember this like it was yesterday!” another said.

Others couldn’t quite believe that the kids in the video would theoretically be around 40 today.

Another video posted to the account shows the aftermath of the attack, with buildings and vehicles covered in thick ash. The streets look desolate, apocalyptic even, and workers can be seen searching the rubble in the background.

@_911_footage_ #september11 #911 #worldtradecenter #wtc #groundzero ♬ original sound – september11

Reacting to that harrowing clip, one TikTok user wrote: “I cannot even begin to imagine the emotions felt waking up to the reality.”

“At this moment this was all that was on everyone’s mind. The whole planet,” another said.

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