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16th Aug 2015

Siri saves American teen from being crushed to death


Alone, trapped beneath a truck and unable to reach his iPhone, this lad feared for the worst.

Teeneager Sam Ray from Tennessee in America, was working on a two tonne truck when he became pinned down by the vehicle. Facing up to the very real possibility that he would be crushed, quick thinking Sam knew that he may be able to activate the Siri on his iPhone, which was out of reach in his back pocket.

Pushing his hip against the phone, he attempted to call 911. To enormous relief, after several attempts he heard an operator’s voice.

“When I heard a woman talking from inside my pocket, I just started shouting,” Sam explained.

“I didn’t know if she could hear me or not, but I heard her say that help was just around the corner.”

Trapped for approximately forty minutes, the teen was airlifted to hospital where he received treatment for broken ribs, a bruised kidney, burns to his arms and a cut forehead.

A lucky escape for this lad.