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01st Aug 2021

Sir Terry Pratchett’s daughter shuts down ‘horrifying’ idea that her father would’ve been transphobic

Kieran Galpin


Fans analyse the trans sub-text of Pratchett’s greatest works

Sir Terry Pratchett wrote over seventy novels that explored society, genre tropes and gender norms in a satirical, humorous, and intelligent way. His books have inspired TV and film, not to mention thousands of readers who fell in love with his original take on the fantasy genre.

JK Rowling‘s sudden attack on the trans-community caused other literary icons to rally around trans people in support. One such author was Neil Gaiman who collaborated extensively with Pratchett.

One Twitter user commented to Gaiman: “I thought the fact that [you] write good fantasy meant that [you] were acquainted with reality. After learning this about you, it seems however more likely that was Pratchett’s contribution to your partnership.”

Another agreed: “Honestly have no idea how anyone can read Pratchett, esp. the Witches, and think he didn’t know what ‘female’ is and means in the world.”

Now a video game writer and journalist, Pratchett’s daughter was alerted to these claims by a fan who said: “The GCs are trying to recruit Terry Pratchett posthumously presumably because he knows they can’t contradict them.”

Understandably, she did not take kindly to her father’s name being dragged through the mud.

“This is horrifying. My father would most definitely not be a GC [gender critical] if he was still alive. Read. The. Books.”

Many of the late author’s books had inherently trans-sub-text, so much so that the internet has rallied around his daughter to offer their own views and experiences.

Author Richard Cobbett wrote, or rather, screamed this on the subject: