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15th Nov 2023

Singer speaks out after she almost got kicked off plane when attendant asked her to stop singing

Joseph Loftus

She really can’t keep quiet

Earlier this week, news emerged of how a Grammy-nominated singer was told to sit down and be quiet by a flight attendant after she started singing on the flight.

Bobbi Storm, known for her songs We Can’t Forget Him, Boy Bye, and Feelings, shared a video to her Instagram capturing the moment she was told to be quiet. In fact, the situation even escalated to the point where she was told if she wasn’t quiet she would be removed from the plane.

The Detroit singer is told numerous times in the video to sit down, to which she says she will, despite not actually sitting down for quite a while.

The singer also argues that she’s not creating a disturbance – despite the fact it certainly looks like a bit of a disturbance.

Storm then proceeds to tell everybody on the plane that she used to sing on planes all the time and is now nominated for two Grammys.

While the plane applaud Storm, the flight attendant looks seriously annoyed and eventually asks: “Are you going to be quiet?” Storm responds: “But they’re enjoying it” to which the attendant says: “I’m not enjoying it.”

The flight attendant then asks her a number of times to be quiet with Storm responding: “Am I gonna to to jail if I don’t?”

The flight attendant says: “Please can you answer my question. Are you willing and able to be quiet right now?”

Storm then says: “I’m doing what the Lord is telling me to do.”

The employee asks again: “I’m asking you a question, yes or no?

“I’m your flight leader; I need you to follow my instructions. My instructions are for you to answer my question. Are you able to be quiet right now?”

Instead of answering his questions, Storm turns to her audience and asks: “What do you guys think?” however nobody could be heard replying.

The flight attendant then says: “I’m asking you ma’am”, to which Storm says to the ‘audience’: “And I’m asking you guys!”

Eventually the Delta employee said to Storm: “If you’re not able to follow my instructions you’ll not be taking this flight.”

Storm then finally buckled and said: “If that’s the case, then that’s fine… if you’re the person in charge of it all, then that’s fine.’

“I’m the flight leader, yes,” the attendant said, with relief in his voice that he was able to quiet the passenger.

“Okay, alright, thank you,” the flight attendant said and walked off.

Waiting for the Delta employee to leave, Ms Storm then continued to the people around her, but in a quiet voice, “I’ll sing it on a low for y’all in the back if that’s okay.”

It seems Storm was expecting everybody to be on her side – however the comment section was pretty unanimous with folk saying “wrong place, wrong time” and “who do you think you are?”

Now, Storm has spoken out revealing that Delta got in touch with her after her post went viral.

Storm said that there were no rules broken and that while she doesn’t want the attendant in the video to be reprimanded, she hopes he “learns a valuable lesson”.

Wait what?

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