Schools could open on weekends to help kids catch up after Covid closures 8 months ago

Schools could open on weekends to help kids catch up after Covid closures

What a truly terrifying prospect

Schools could be opening up on weekends as the education looks to catch up after the extended Covid closures.


According to The Times, new figures estimate that between 90,000 and 135,000 children did not return to school this term.

It should be noted, however, that these figures are based on a snapshot of school attendance from one day in September 2021, and as such, may not be representative of the broader trend in school attendence.

With this being said, the full picture of absence in England's schools remain unclear.


Some schools could test out an extended day, from 8am-6pm, in a pilot scheme after the government's spending review is announced later this month.

There are fears around both children and teenagers' mental health following the long periods of lockdown, as well as the activities they have taken up while not in school.

Steve Chalke, founder of Oasis - England’s biggest academy trust - told The Times: "We are not just risking a lost generation. We are watching it happen." The paper also reported that headteachers will ask parents if they would like Saturday mornings for their children.

Teachers will of course be paid more for the additional teaching hours should it go ahead, with a slew of newly-hired tutors also set to be brought in. With GCSE's arriving before you know it for year groups across the country, schools aren't only trying to catch up but get ahead of the curve.


Physical health is also still a concern as it is estimated that one in 20 secondary school children are thought to have had coronavirus in the past week.

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