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22nd Nov 2021

Salt Bae’s washing up technique is more ridiculous than his prices

Charlie Herbert

Salt Bae washing up

His staff seemed worryingly impressed by the sight of a clean plate

Salt Bae has left the internet baffled once more, this time by sharing a bizarre video in which he seems to be showing his employees how to…. wash a plate.

In a fantastically flamboyant and comical manner, Salt Bae – real name Nusret Gökçe – scrubs the plate with love, rinses it under a tap, leaves it out to dry and then wipes it with a tea towel. You know, the way you usually wash stuff up.

But this doesn’t stop his staff admiring his every move, observing him like he’s the second embodiment of Christ (you never know), and then applauding him as he tosses his apron to his adoring public like some sort of washing up rock star.

It seems that Salt Bae thinks that this production shows that he knows every detail of his business, captioning it: “In business you must to know every details…from A to Z, okey?”

This is of course the man that charges £11 for a Red Bull and pays his staff an hourly wage that wouldn’t buy them a side of broccoli in his establishment.

In case you needed any confirmation that ol’ Nusret is well and truly taking the piss at this point, here’s the video for your enjoyment.


How long has he practiced that plate throw for?

Anyone who has worked in a pub or restaurant will know that if this is how you washed up bowls and plates, you’d be out the door in minutes.

But hey, Salt Bae is clearly having a laugh in everything he does at the moment, so maybe he doesn’t mind if his staff take the piss a bit as well behind the scenes.

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