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Robots need to be monitored, managed and feared - says a leading artificial intelligence researcher

Robots are quickly infiltrating our lives and jobs - but a robotics professor has warned their impact could endanger lives.

Are you already suspicious and concerned about the robot revolution? As are a group of top scientists hence the reason for the new body 'The Foundation for Responsible Robotics' - where the ethics and impact of artificial systems are being examined.

The aim of the body is to encourage governments and industry to examine the ethical use of robots and their impact, which could have potentially devastating consequences on unemployment and human rights.

Noel Sharkey, robotics professor at Sheffield University and chairman of the foundation warns: "We are rushing headlong into the robotics revolution without consideration for the many unforeseen problems lying around the corner."

"It is time now to step back and think hard about the future of the technology before it sneaks up and bites us."

There's no doubt there are also endless benefits of robots - but scientists warn us to be mindful of their possible use to aid terrorism.

"The FBI has already expressed concern about self-driving cars. All you’d have to do is load 50 robot cars with explosives and programme in the coordinates for the target, and no one would be able to stop them," Sharkey added.


The world already has 12m service robots, compared with 1.5m industrial robots and the International Federation for Robotics predicts that the number of service robots will rise to 31m by 2018.

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